bridal shower planning

We had a meeting yesterday that actually ran kind of short AND I TOTALLY FORGOT TO TAKE A PICTURE. (I’m doing this project for the wedding)

We still have to sort out what desserts we’re going to serve because I technically¬†volunteered to make the desserts haha. We still have to send out the invites and really talk more logistically about everything.


Save the date!

They’re here!! October feels like a long time from today but really it’s not! Time is going to fly. Actually, time actually has gone by really fast this year. Maybe it’s the older we get the more time seems to whisk by without notice. Seeing the Save the Date in my room looking official and real reminds me that I wanted to lose weight for the wedding. lol oops. Maybe I’ll hop on that soon. We have a meeting in two days to talk about the Bridal shower, so you’ll definitely hear from me then.

ladies and gentlemen..WE HAVE OUR DRESSES!

This past Saturday was a complete and utter success! This post might be a little long because we spent the entire day walking through different stores, but this is the reality of what a wedding is, y’all.

We hit the first store around 10 am and I promise, you guys, by 10:30 she had found her dress. She probably went through two dresses before she found her dress. It was awesome. Now, I’m not going to go into detail about the dresses, but you guys, she looked like a Queen. Capital Q. Maybe even capital K (Kween). Seriously, we lucked out. Sometimes you hear these stories about brides not being to find what they want or what they want in their budget, BUT SHE DID! Below asking price, style she wanted, everything. Of course there was some tears here and there, but that’s normal. Your daughter, best friend, sister is getting married. I’m not gonna lie, I’m not one of those girls that has the wedding fantasy, but I was super into the idea while were going into all the boutiques. I wouldn’t mind. ūüėČ

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This is 3/4 of the bridal party acting a fool while D comes in and out of the changing room. 

I am so happy that D (that’s my bride’s name, well abbreviation for her name. Something I call her when I’m too lazy to say her entire name haha) found her dress! And that she feels amaaaazing in it. It truly is perfect for her. I can’t wait for her fitting. That being said, I think I might leave the adventure of finding our bridesmaid dresses for another post. Until then!


So this saturday is our first actual meeting where the bridesmaids and bride are together! We’re going to shop for our bride’s wedding dress. Hopefully she finds the perfect dress that day. We’re on a time crunch here and the sooner she finds her dress the better (in my opinion)! That way we have one less thing to worry about and she can move on to other details of the wedding. Gotta keep this machine going! I’m really nervous that the bridesmaids might have to try on dresses. I’m not a great weight and I’m not feeling my best, so if we find something I worried I might not like the way I look? I feel like that sounds selfish because it’s not about me. I’ve been feeling heavier and have noticeably gained weight these past two months and I haven’t really done anything about it because, lazy. I don’t know if it really matters if I’m at a good weight for a fitting? What I do know is that I’m excited to get this wedding planning going and that by the wedding comes around I’ll be content with my body, etc. Here we go!


I haven’t been posting as much as I’d like, but fear not. I have not forgotten about this project.

Last week the bridesmaids gathered and had our first *~official meeting~* and boy, are we in it for real. Now, being a bridesmaid is suppose to be fun and stressful and I already feel that. At our meeting we basically planned the shower. Originally most of opted for the idea of having it in their beautiful backyard, but there was talk about having it at another location. Which idea won? Backyard, duh. We’re all nervous about the budget that we have. It’s really more than enough, but we also want to not hit the limit so we can save the parents of the Bride some money. Weddings are not cheap. I have to also say, I’m quite #blessed with the ladies I have as fellow bridesmaids. We all have a great sense of humor, we understand each other, we listen, I don’t know it just seems like a good group. It makes me happy. I’m pretty much the one that just stands there listening while everyone speaks their minds and I’m okay with that. Another thing I have to mention is I hope that planning all these really great activities that we’re all doing whole heartedly doesn’t change the relationship we all have with our Bride. There hasn’t been any Bridezilla action as of yet, but I just want her to know that we’re all doing this because we really love her and I hope she sees that.


Hello there, Internet friends. So this is my attempt at sharing my experience as a first time bridesmaid with you (but mostly for myself). I don’t know how exactly I’m going to do this. I’m technically a first time blogger (does Tumblr count?) so this is ALL new to me. Going to try and also Vlog my experience because I think video is a nice touch in sharing experiences. My ultimate goal is to have a memory from almost every single moment of my experience in helping two of my favorite people tie the knot, but at the same time respecting the privacy of the two love birds. Let’s see how this goes. ¬†Allons-y!