So this saturday is our first actual meeting where the bridesmaids and bride are together! We’re going to shop for our bride’s wedding dress. Hopefully she finds the perfect dress that day. We’re on a time crunch here and the sooner she finds her dress the better (in my opinion)! That way we have one less thing to worry about and she can move on to other details of the wedding. Gotta keep this machine going! I’m really nervous that the bridesmaids might have to try on dresses. I’m not a great weight and I’m not feeling my best, so if we find something I worried I might not like the way I look? I feel like that sounds selfish because it’s not about me. I’ve been feeling heavier and have noticeably gained weight these past two months and I haven’t really done anything about it because, lazy. I don’t know if it really matters if I’m at a good weight for a fitting? What I do know is that I’m excited to get this wedding planning going and that by the wedding comes around I’ll be content with my body, etc. Here we go!


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